Introductory articles on the Casimir effect

H.G.B. Casimir Obituaries by Martin Schuurmans (Philips Research Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

The Casimir effect : a force from nothing by Astrid Lambrecht (Physics World)

Nanotechnology : Shaping the void by Astrid Lambrecht (Nature News and Views )

Feel the force by Philip Ball (Nature News Feature)

Casimir Forces : Still Surprising After 60 Years by Steve Lamoreaux (Physics Today)

Casimir effect put to work as a nano-switch : A new technique that takes control of the magnitude of the Casimir force

The Casimir effect in microstructured geometries : Review on recent theoretical and experimental developments of the Casimir force in complex microstructured geometries (Nature Photonics : Focus Review Article) .

Gecko inspired van der Waals superadhesion / stickybot : Stickybot is a Gecko-like robot that climbs vertical surfaces using van der Waals adhesion forces

Casimir Effect, Zeta Functions, and Cosmology by Emilio Elizalde, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Fac. Ciencies, ICE/CSIC and IEEC Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain

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