PhD Theses

- A. Canaguier-Durand, Multipolar scattering expansion for the Casimir effect in the sphere-plane geometry (Thesis advisor A. Lambrecht / Graduated September 2011)

- G. Messineo, Dynamic Casimir Experiment (Thesis advisor G. Carugno / To graduate in 2011)

- S. A. Ellingsen, Dispersion forces in Micromechanics (Thesis advisor I. Brevik / Graduated 2011)

- P.J. van Zwol, Contact mode Casimir and capillary force measurements (Thesis advisor G.Palasantzas / Graduated 2011)

- S. P.J. de Man, Multi-lockin instrument for surface force measurements and applications to Casimir force experiments (Thesis advisor D. Iannuzzi / Graduated 2011)

- R. Messina, Casimir - Polder force between atom and surface : geometrical and dynamical effects (Thesis co-advisors A. Lambrecht and R. Passante / Graduated 2010)

- S. Kawka, Moment de Casimir : Effet du Vide Quantique sur l’Impulsion d’un Milieu Bi-anisotrope (Thesis advisor B.A. van Tiggelen / Graduated 2010)

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