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Casimir Physics 2014

From March 30 through April 4, 2014

Ecole de Physique des Houches, France

Casimir physics embraces fundamental topics ranging from the role of quantum vacuum in fundamental physics and cosmology, the static and dynamic properties of the quantum and classical Casimir effect, atom-surface interactions in the physics of ultracold and thermal (Rydberg) atoms and molecules, to non-equilibrium phenomena and van der Waals forces in biological systems. It has also large overlap with condensed and soft matter, nanophysics, statistical physics and physical chemistry. In the last decade the Casimir physics community has brought together physicists from quantum field theory, quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics, soft matter, classical and quantum fluids, and nanophysics providing relevant theoretical and experimental contributions to this highly interdisciplinary topic.

This conference aims at bringing together main actors to present the state of the art and urgent questions of the different subfields to a young scientific public as well as to exchange methods and ideas, foster a cross-fertilization and establish interdisciplinary collaborations.

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