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Casimir effect : measurement and theory

- Thermal Casimir effects (in and out of thermal equilibrium)
- Casimir force in complex geometries and novel topologies (control of Casimir force & applications to NEMS/MEMS), such as patterned or corrugated surfaces, nanospheres or small spheroïd shaped bodies, edge effects, vacuum torque acting on anisotropic or structured bodies, beyond PFA measurements and calculations, repulsive & lateral Casimir forces.
- New materials and their optical properties (control of Casimir force & applications to NEMS/MEMS), such as Carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, metamaterials, quasicrystals, phase change materials, superconductors, photonic crystals,...
- Repulsive & lateral Casimir forces
- Applications in and cross-links with nanophysics, biophysics , disordered systems…

Dynamical Casimir effect, Unruh effect, vacuum friction and decoherence

New challenges in vacuum properties
- Casimir effect, vacuum energy, gravity and cosmology
- Casimir effect and tests of the equivalence principle
- Casimir and Yukawa type forces

Related topics
- Critical Casimir Forces
- Van der Waals forces
- Dispersion forces in liquids
- Casimir Polder interaction with BEC and molecules
- Quantum friction
- Casimir momentum

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