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Applying for support of a science meeting

The programme includes sponsoring of specialised conferences or workshops in the scope of the programme.

We envisage application for and co-sponsoring of an ESF Research Conference Series bringing together the main European actors as well as American colleagues every two years. Such a bi-annual series will follow the tradition of the Euresco conference series and allow for high level scientific meetings inside Europe. The CASIMIR network foresees two conferences from the series “Quantum Field Theory under the influence of external conditions” to be held in fall 2009 in Oklahoma and in fall 2011.

The network also projects co-sponsoring and organizing of small workshops, study centers and conferences, in particular in the years between the ESF conferences, that is in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Study centers should gather up to 30 participants for about 6 weeks and would have similar format as the Les Houches Summer Schools. The accompanying workshops will gather up to 70 participants for 3-4 days. The other workshops which may be sponsored will have a format similar to the workshop “QED2005” (Les Houches, 2005).

If you wish to apply for support of a science meeting, please use the application form on the ESF page for CASIMIR.

The steering committee will receive applications continuously and take decisions within 1 month.

In any case, please study the ESF guidelines. See also information for organizers here. If you encounter any problems or have questions that are not answered by the guidelines, you can contact the programme chairman G. Palasantzas

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