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Applying for a Short Visit Grant

Short visit grants cover a period up to 15 days and are sponsored preferentially between programme participants. They are reimbursed on a per diem basis of 85 EUR plus actual travel expenses up to a maximum of 500 EUR after the visit on submission of a completed balance payment form accompanied by the original travel tickets. No payment will be made without the scientific report.

If you want to apply for funding of a short term research visit, please use the application form on the ESF page for CASIMIR. Your application should provide a short description of the proposed project work (about 250 words) and the duration of the stay..

The steering committee will receive applications for short grants continuously and take decisions promptly.

In any case, please study the ESF guidelines before applying. If you encounter any problems or have questions that are not answered by the guidelines, you can contact the programme chairman G. Palasantzas

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